The Hotel Inspector visits The Little Thatch Inn

The Hotel Inspector visits The Little Thatch Inn

By the time you read this The Little Thatch Inn’s Hotel Inspector episode will have been shown on Channel 5.

Having seen just a few short minutes clip of the episode at the end of the previous week’s programme we have some concerns about how the edit has been undertaken, but we accept the programme makers aim is to produce an entertainment programme and this is all part of the process.

So why did we agree to be part of the process of the Hotel Inspector?

Jacky McDougall, ‘mum’, has run the Little Thatch for over 40 years, having first arrived in Quedgeley in 1970. Over the past 40 years Jacky has stripped back the original building and refurbished the bars and restaurant, before turning her attentions to developing the accommodation side and building the existing 23 bedroom extension in three phases, completing this work in the late 1980’s.

Around that time Jacky was ready to sell but the recession took hold and Jacky had no alternative but to hang on in there, no mean feat in this industry where pubs and hotels were closing every week. The problem was that whilst the hotel business was good, the pub and food side of the business for the local population had deteriorated, as people stopped going out the Little Thatch just seemed to have lost its identity and became forgotten as a destination.

After getting through the recession and maintaining to keep a profitable business, the fact is that Jacky is now 71 years old and needs an exit strategy in order to retire.

Jacky’s daughter, Beth, has agreed to come back into the business (having grown up in the industry, before escaping and running her own property services company) to assist with this objective. Whilst Beth knew working with her Mother was not going to be easy, after only a few short weeks it was evident Jacky was more than resistant to change and ideas for modernisation.

Calling in Alex Polizzi seemed to be an ideal solution and indeed it was! The whole process was quite intense as it took place over a relatively short period, however, a great deal of positive change occurred in a few weeks.

The question is would we do it again? The answer is probably yes, taking away the emotion in front of the camera, we actually had quite a bit of fun, there were many laughs and if the end result is as positive as we expect it to be there cannot be any losers!