All is Revealed in the Bedroom Department

All is Revealed in the Bedroom Department

One of our bedrooms has seen a lot of activity recently, hopefully the neighbouring guests weren’t too put out! 

Sometimes things need an overhaul in the bedroom department and, at The Little Thatch Inn, we believe it’s never too late even after 40 years in business. So when Alex Polizzi and her team from The Hotel Inspector offered to give us a new fresh look in Room 20 we jumped at the chance.

The room before we handed it over to Alex and her designer Clare, was a bit on the boring side. It was painted in a fairly pedestrian shade of cream, the bed was covered with cream linen and whilst terracotta was very popular in the 90s, we realise it isn’t necessarily the most contemporary choice for a bed runner, pillows, carpet and curtains.

The furniture was of good quality, provided everything our guests needed – wardrobe, bedside table and desk – and has lasted some 24 years since it was fitted but it was marked and damaged in places.  The bathroom was rather dreary too, dated cream units and one of Alex’s pet hates, carpet on the floor!

The Hotel Inspector team completely stripped the room back to bare walls. All the fitted furniture and bathroom fittings were shown the door. For a few days all The Thatch staff were kept well away whilst The Hotel Inspector worked behind closed doors. We could hear plenty of banging, drilling and sawing but were quickly ushered away if we came within whiffing distance of the smell of new paint.

And when the room was ready, what a surprise!  The removal of the fitted furniture opened the room up and made it appear larger, less cluttered and much, much brighter.  The room has been painted in a shade of mushroom that gives a calm, understated feeling as you sit quietly on one of the two functional, yet comfortable chairs at the new dressing table, complete with colourful flower pot. All the new furniture is white and there are fresh touches of duck egg blue in the soft furnishings and curtains at the window. New bedside lamps have been installed to go with the quite funky wall lights.

Every detail was considered. The bigger bed at 5 foot wide is now covered with crisp white linen and a spread that complements the colour scheme.  The television has been wall mounted which makes it much nicer to watch if you’re in bed and the tea and coffee tray is neatly tucked away on its own stand.

What a success. Plans are now coming together for our refurbishment programme when some of the other rooms will get the same treatment using this as our standard. Exciting stuff!